Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wedding Wednesday #1: The Date

Seeing as just about every post so far as been wedding related I decided to rein it in a little and only post about it once a week. I know it's not the least bit creative as just about everyone else has done "wedding Wednesday", but Wednesday it is!!

I'm kicking off this series with a big one: the when.

We started looking at venues and talking about dates a few months before we were even engaged (aka I dragged Kevin to a handful of places and we awkwardly danced around the engagement questions each time). When it finally did become official in November we had the most important decision already made...

January 31, 2015 

is the day that we will finally be husband and wife. I seriously can't believe that we're already almost closing in on a year. Where have the past 2 months gone?!

If you had told me a year ago that I would now be planning a winter wedding I would have told you that you were crazy. But here we are, and I (we) couldn't be more excited about it!

Because I mean really, does it get any prettier?! I think not! (But I'm also slightly biased...)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Christmas-y weekend

Over the weekend we finally got our Christmas tree! A real one! I haven't had a real tree since I was little, so I was just little bit very excited.

There's a tree lot right down the street from our house so we walked over and carried the tree home... and though it may look like it, I promise Kevin didn't make me carry it the whole way - just most of the way.

There's nothing like the glow of Christmas lights at night... and the smell of a real tree. Now if only I could get my shopping done!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thoughts on being engaged (so far)...

May be over a year ago, with 22 months til the date... But there have been so many bumps along the way and we are still so excited!

In the week and a half since we got engaged, I've realized a few things:

- As much as I've loved weddings and been "planning" my own for years, I really have no idea what I want.

- Looking at all of the pretty pictures on wedding websites and Pinterest is fun, but it feels very overwhelming once things are official and you actually have to make decisions.

- I really don't like the word fiance. Boyfriend and husband are fine, but for some reason calling Kevin my fiance makes me feel like I'm bragging - which I guess I should be, he's kind of all sorts of awesome and I'm luckiest to have him!

- Things are expensive. We booked our venue** last week and as I was filling out the paperwork with my credit card information my heart was beating really fast and my face was hot. I felt like I was promising them my first born. Yikes!

**We went and looked at venues last month, and had already decided on the when and where before we were even engaged!

- I can't wait to spend this next year celebrating us.

- I just can't wait to get married, and I still can't believe that I get to say that. (!!!!!)

Friday, November 15, 2013


First off I want to thank everyone for all of the messages, comments, texts, etc. on all forms of social media and in real life - it has been the craziest/most wonderful couple of days and we are so happy and excited for everything!

Here's our engagement story...

Saturday morning one of Kevin's friends came over to help him fix the ceiling in the bathroom. Around lunchtime they finished and decided they were going to go get something to eat, while I went to the mall. I got home around 3:00ish I think and Kevin was already back. We watched TV for a few minutes and I realized I hadn't had anything to eat yet so I got up to make a sandwich. He asked if I was hungry and if I wanted to go down to Castle Island (one of our favorite places to go and walk around and get not-very-good-for-you food.) I think I kind of said no because he had already eaten, and I didn't really want to eat alone? He asked again and I changed my mind - who says no to a delicious hot dog and fries?! (Especially right before they're about to get engaged?! Ha!)

We got in the car and headed down the street to Castle Island, where it was actually really chilly. It's right on the water so there was a breeze from ocean. I got my food and we went to sit on a bench like we usually do before we walk around. Kevin kept saying how chilly he was since we were sitting in the shade, so we got up and started to walk while I finished eating my fries. I was focusing on keeping my hair out of my mouth while trying to eat and not spill the container and the next thing I know Kevin is there holding a box with the most beautiful ring! I stopped and looked at him and I think I kept saying, "Are you serious?!" over and over. From there the rest of it is a little jumbled, I was so in shock/excited/had a mouthful of fries/couldn't believe what was actually happening! He asked if I wanted to put it on and obviously the answer to that was a big fat YES! There were no actual tears, surprisingly, but I remember getting a huge lump in my throat and I think my voice got funny...

Afterwards we walked the rest of the way around Castle Island, and I asked a million questions - apparently everyone knew he was planning it and he had even called and talked to both of my parents earlier in the week! I didn't call anyone until we got back to the car, which was nice. I liked walking around for those few minutes just the two of us, and even though everyone else knew it was happening that day, we got to enjoy it by ourselves for a little while. 

I still can't believe this gorgeous ring is MINE and we're really getting married!

Later on that night we went out to two of our favorite restaurants down the street to celebrate, where I ended up sitting next to a woman at the bar who is a stylist and friends with a guy who designs wedding gowns!! He was supposed to be meeting her there and she said he would make anything I wanted! It was so crazy. He never showed up before we left, but what are the odds?!

Edamame with a celebratory candle - why not?!

Our friend did the writing on this... He thinks he's so funny. He also needs to work on his handwriting.

Then on Sunday my family came over with champagne and my mom, sister and I discussed all things wedding. My mom has already picked out what she wants to wear haha.

It's crazy though how you can think about getting engaged and wonder how it's going to happen and what your reaction is going to be (or was that just me?), but when it actually happens it is the most overwhelmingly amazing feeling ever. We had the best weekend together celebrating and I'm so excited to spend this next year planning and finally getting married!! It all still feels very, very surreal.

Since we've started planning I now need to put together a wedding binder! Have any of you married ladies used the printables you can get on Etsy? I already have a binder I can use so I don't see the point in getting another one that has everything in it when I can just kind of make one myself. And also - any tips for planning? Things that I need to make a priority (other than the venue and photographer)? Things you freaked out over that ended up not being important? Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh right, I have a blog...

Just a few things floating around my head the past couple of days...

That joke ^ makes me laugh. I may or may not have a lame sense of humor.

We have "officially" lived together for about 6 months now, and I'm juuuuuust starting to feel like we're getting the hang of it. Is that normal? Is it also weird that I thought it was going to be easy? I mean really, we've been together since the stone age and I was here 90% of the time anyway...

I wish I could just live in the moment. I'm always wishing for the next big thing (or even small thing - hurry up weekend!) and before I know it a month or two has gone by and I don't remember a single thing that I did. I really need to stop doing that.

I could probably eat frozen yogurt everyday of my life and be completely okay with it. I also cannot for whatever reason call it 'froyo'. It bugs me. And now that I'm talking about it, I really want some - original, please, with strawberries, kiwi, mango and cap'n crunch. Thanks.

I'm getting the hang of things in the kitchen, kinda sorta. I made dinner two nights in a row this week and both times it was edible! It was things we've had a million times before, which can be good and bad - you know what it's supposed to taste like. And you know what it's supposed to taste like. Either way I was pretty proud of myself.

I really want frozen yogurt right now.

Why is the 4th of July next week? Where did the month of June go? (See statement #2 above. Ugh.)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh heyyyy!

So I started a new blog. Not really sure what I'm going to be writing about, but I've missed writing and decided it was time to start telling the people on the internet things about me that I sometimes don't share with people who really know me (?). Sure, whatever.

Why not start off with bullet points? We all like those.

::: I would much rather stay in on a Saturday night than go out drinking until all hours. I'm kiiiiind of like an old lady, and I'm completely okay with it.

::: I feel naked without my nails painted and/or if they're chipped and gross looking. Seriously, I am embarrassed if either of those things happen. I also have a bit of a problem with buying nail polish. I have every color imaginable and yet sometimes I go to paint my nails and still don't have the "right color" that I'm looking for. Is there a such thing as nail polish addicts anonymous? I might need to join.

::: I can't cook to save my life. Like, at all. I try, and usually part of the meal will come out decent, but there's always something that is over/undercooked, and/or not enough spices, and/or just not very good. I guess I'll get there one day, but until then I'll just let Kevin cook for me instead - I'd rather have clean up duty anyway.

Umm.. let's see.

::: I could go to Target everyday of my life and always find something 20 things that I need to buy. Except I feel like most people are like this so I don't feel too bad about it. But basically it's my favorite store ever, and the Target credit card that I have that gives me 5% off every time I shop there certainly doesn't help.

::: I'm afraid of a lot of ridiculous things, but flying is not one of them. I actually love to fly. Don't ever ask me to jump out of an airplane though - or be anywhere near a person who is throwing up. It'll never happen. Ever.

And there we have it. My first post.